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Writing Strategies

[Note: This course was designed and developed by Helen Moody, PhD, and is copyrighted in her name.]


Most professionals have too much to write and not enough time to do it. To complicate matters, their documents must reach a wide range of readers--all of them wanting to "get to the point." Writing Strategies gives you a proven method that will cut your writing time in half. You will learn how to use the Pyramid Paradigm™ to get to the point and reach all your readers with one document. And you will learn how to make your documents look better with Visible Structure™ techniques.

Who Should Take This Course:

Scientists, Engineers, Business Professionals, Technical Writers, and other professionals who want to write better and save time doing it!

Course Objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand writing as a quality process.
  2. Use and adapt the Pyramid Paradigm™ for all organizational documents.
  3. Get to the point with any document, no matter how complex the information or how long the content.
  4. Create a writing plan that clarifies purpose, readership, and product.
  5. Identify the needs of all their readerships.
  6. Design a document that meets the needs of a diverse readership, whether internal or external.
  7. Use templates for Summaries and Abstracts.
  8. Use and adapt patterns for memos, procedures, formal reports, and several types of informal reports.
  9. Apply Visible Structure™ for easier reading.

Course Design:

This one-day program features presentation, discussion, individual and small-group exercises. You will apply what you learn to two of your own documents. Preparation includes an individual review of participants' documents and inclusion of sample documents in the tailored workbook.