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Writing Basics


From time to time, everyone needs an update on the conventions of Standard American English and a review of clear writing techniques. Writing Basics covers everything you may have slept through in 6th grade!

Who Should Take This Course:

All writers and editors -- anyone who wants to feel confident about revising and editing professional documents.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to

1. Identify the 8 parts of speech.
2. Identify and correct the "Top 12 Grammatical Errors."
3. Revise nonstandard constructions.
4. Recognize when and how to use the passive voice.
5. Use the clearest style for instructions.
6. Identify subjects and predicates.
7. Punctuate the four kinds of sentences.
8. Use other punctuation correctly, including colons for lists.
9. Revise for clarity by shortening long sentences and avoiding acronyms and abbreviations.
10. Remember the Ten Tips for Effective E-Mail.

Course Design:

Writing Basics is conducted over 1 day of training. The course includes both pre- and post-assessments of participants' knowledge of grammar and usage. The workbook for the course is tailored to include sample sentences and paragraphs from the participants' own documents.