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Training with Style


This course covers the critical skills that Subject Matter Experts need to become outstanding trainers. It includes instruction in the basics of training design and delivery, as well as opportunities for practice and constructive feedback.

Who Should Take This Course:

Subject-Matter Experts who have been called upon to share their expertise with their co-workers. Human Resources Professionals who must wear a training "hat" from time to time. Instructional Designers who need to learn how to be a "standup trainer." Academic instructors (grade school, high school, college) who would like to learn what it is like to teach adults in "real world" learning situations. Professionals in any field who have wondered if a shift into training and development might not be a good career move, or who want to find out if they have the skills to be a corporate trainer.

Course Objectives:

Participants will learn and practice techniques to

  1. Build on the strengths you already possess, by determining your own personal Training Style.
  2. Identify stories, anecdotes, and illustrations that best fit your training style and most effectively increase your students' learning.
  3. Develop measurable learning objectives, and organize and time your session with The Training Diamond™.
  4. Establish control over the logistics and dynamics of your space.
  5. Interact with your trainees and establish immediate rapport, no matter how large the group.
  6. Improvise to overcome any awkward or unexpected situation.

Course Design:

Training with Style can be presented over one, two, or three days. The three-day version includes in-class videotaping and individual consultations and feedback from the instructor. Class size is limited to 10 with videotaping; 15 without videotaping.