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The Standup Trainer


"Standup" trainers need special skills to keep audiences awake and interested throughout their training sessions. This program teaches trainers some of the same skills standup comics and stage actors use to capture and maintain their audience's attention. Trainers will learn how to be more effective "performers," no matter what topic or skill they teach.

Who Should Take This Course:

Anyone who teaches, or trains, especially Subject Matter Experts who have a tendency to deliver dry, technical training in a dry, technical style.

Course Objectives:

Participants will learn and practice the critical skills all trainers need to improve their stage presence. In this "acting class for trainers," participants will learn how to

1. Identify and develop a standup "persona."
2. Create and develop humorous material.
3. "Tailor" their material to reach a specific audience.
4. Improve their vocal delivery skills.
5. Move and gesture more dramatically (and humorously).
6. Anticipate their trainees' reactions.
7. Interact and establish immediate rapport with their trainees.
8. Deal with "difficult" trainees.
9. Review and evaluate their own performance.

Course Design:

The Standup Trainer is conducted over one full day of training. Participants will play a variety of theater games and take part in a number of acting exercises (some videotaped). The book, The Standup Trainer, can be ordered as the class text.