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Presenting with Style


You make a lot of presentations. You know how to put a presentation together. Stage fright does not bother you too much. Yet you also know that your presentations could use a little something -- a little humor, a little drama, a little style -- to enliven your performance and stimulate your audience.

Who Should Take This Course:

Anyone who gives after-dinner speeches, conducts briefings, delivers keynote addresses, makes sales presentations, participates in public hearings, reads papers at conferences, or teaches classes. If you think you are boring (or if you have been told that you are boring), this class is definitely for you.

Course Objectives:

Participants will learn and practice techniques to enhance their "performance skills." Specifically, you will learn to

1. Build on the strengths you already possess, by determining your own personal presentation style.
2. Adapt your preferred style to a variety of situations and audiences.
3. Create and develop material (especially humorous material) for your presentation style.
4. Design and time a presentation with style, using The Presentation Diamond™.
5. Establish control over the logistics and dynamics of the presentation space and get the most from your rehearsal.
6. Practice techniques for improving your vocal delivery, hand gestures, and body movement -- all the elements that "dramatize" your style.
7. Interact with your audience and establish immediate rapport, no matter how large the group.
8. Improvise to overcome any awkward or unexpected situations.

Course Design:

Presenting with Style features lecture, demonstrations, and exercises. The optimal training time is 3 days, but shorter versions can be created from the modules above. The 3-day version includes pre-program videotaping, group assessment in class, and individual consultations with the instructor. (The time constraints of videotaping and assessment restrict the class size to 10 participants.) The book, Presenting with Style, is available for purchase.