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 Welcome to the Archives of The Standup Trainer Newsletter (June 2005 to August 2008)! Here you will find many useful articles on various aspects of standup training or presenting, including such topics as overcoming stagefright or dealing with technical difficulties.

If you have any questions about any of these topics, or wish further information, please email me at edowling@standuptrainer.com.

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Icebreakers for training sessions or presentations

August 2007
September 2007
January 2008
May 2008

Obtaining a career as a standup trainer or presenter

January 2008

Teaching in China

February 2006
March 2006
October 2006
December 2006
January 2008
Ellen’s China Diary One
Ellen’s China Diary Two
Ellen’s China Diary Three

What to do if someone falls asleep during your presentation

November 2007

How to deal with “difficult” participants

June 2006
July 2006
May 2007
October 2007
March 2008

Interactive activities for training sessions and presentations

May 2007
July 2007

Overcoming technical difficulties

August 2005
December 2005
January 2006
March 2006
April 2006
May 2006
April 2007

Controlling the Q&A

January 2007
February 2007
March 2007

Dealing with cell phones during your class or presentation

November 2006
December 2006

How to use handouts effectively

September 2006

How to overcome stagefright

October 2005
August 2006

Violence in the classroom

July 2006

How to reduce jargon in presentations

May 2006
June 2006

How many slides to include in your presentation

June 2005

How to close a presentation effectively

November 2005

The importance of eye contact

September 2005

Why it’s not a good idea to open with a joke

July 2005

Brainstorming activities

March 2008

Should you stand up or sit down when you teach or present?

March 2008
April 2008

Useful PowerPoint tools

May 2008

Great PowerPoint presentations (on video)

July 2008

Taking risks when speaking publically

August 2008

And here are some reviews of useful books:

I’ve Asked Miller to Say a Few Words, by Cherie Kerr (June 2006, July 2006)
I’d Rather Die than Give a Speech, by Michael M. Klepper (May 2006)
The Presentation Skills Workshop, by Sherron Bienvenu (April 2006)
Zen and the Art of Standup Comedy, by Jay Sankey (March 2006)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Boardroom, by Michael Iapoce (February 2006)
What to Say When, by Lilly Walters (December 2005)
I Can See You Naked, by Ron Hoff (November 2005)
Loud and Clear, by George Morrisey, Thomas L. Sechrest, and Wendy B. Warman (October 2005)
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint, by Edward R. Tufte (September 2005)
Showmanship for Presenters, by Dave Arch (August 2005)
Beyond Bullet Points, by Cliff Atkinson (July 2005)
Point, Click & Wow!!, by Claudyne Wilder and David Fine (June 2005)