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5 Ways for Overcoming Death by PowerPoint™"

In the book and training program, Presenting with Style, we stress that the best presenters do not "script" their presentations, putting nearly every single word they plan to say on their PPT slides. Presenters who do write their entire presentation out on their slides are then tempted to read the entire presentation to their audience, thus forgoing eye contact, interest, and (above all) interaction with their listeners. Raise your hand right now if you like to be read to. At 2:30 in the afternoon. After a heavy lunch.

We thought so.

Since we always practice what we preach, when you look at the PPT you're about to download, you will see lots of pictures and graphics and very little text. If you just choose to open the file, you may find yourself wondering, "Well, what is the point of that slide?" The only way to see the slides AND get the commentary that goes with each slide is to download the file to your own computer and open it with your own PPT program in "normal view." This way you can see our comments underneath each slide, explaining what you're looking at.

Of course, you could also choose to invite us to give the presentation to your company or group, and then WE would supply the commentary, live and in person. (Contact edowling@standuptrainer.com for details.)

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